Wellness And Preventative Care

Wellness And Preventative Care From Your Veterinarian In Bowling Green​

When your pet becomes ill or injured, heading to your veterinarian in Bowling Green is the right choice. You want to relieve the distress your pet is experiencing, and the vet is the best person to help.

While we definitely want you to come to our veterinary hospital anytime your pet is hurt, we also want to encourage you to think about vet care on a more regular basis. By focusing on wellness and preventative care, you can ensure that pets are as healthy as they can be throughout their lifetimes.

Please visit our veterinary hospital annually or bi-annually to identifying problems early on and to provide a higher level of care for the pets you love so much.

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The Importance Of Regular Exams

Experience has shown us that regular exams are fundamental to good health for pets. When we examine your pet, we go over every inch of his or her body to ensure that everything is in order. Eyes, nose, teeth, skin, fur, paws, nails, joints, belly and even the tail – your veterinarian will carefully examine every bit of your pet to see that there are no signs of injury, illness or discomfort. If we do identify an issue, we will trace it to its source and offer treatment options that will help to improve your pet’s health.

Diagnostics – Blood Work, Ultrasound, X-Rays

Diagnostics allow us to go beyond the surface level to examine what is going on inside of your pet. Our on-site diagnostic lab can do blood work and examine both urine and stool to spot problems and ensure that no parasites are present in your pet’s body. We can also perform ultrasound and x-rays as necessary to identify broken bones, joint problems, and other internal issues.

Although diagnostics do add cost to an annual exam, they offer a window through which we can do an even better job of identifying potential health problems early on and doing something about them when treatment will be most effective – and often less expensive.


Vaccinations are the most basic level of preventative care that we can provide your pet. Reasonably priced and proven to work, vaccinations make it possible to completely prevent many common illnesses that would otherwise be debilitating or deadly to your pet. However, it is important to point out that not every pet needs every available vaccine. As part of your exam, we will ask questions to determine the lifestyle of your pet, and what risks that lifestyle presents. We will only advise you to get vaccinations that your pet truly needs.

Senior Pet Wellness

As pets get older, senior pet wellness and preventative care becomes increasingly important. Although your pet’s body may start to wear down over time, there is a lot that modern veterinary medicine can do to ensure that your pet remains comfortable and active into old age.

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