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Spay and Neuter in Bowling Green

When you think of preventative wellness care for your dog or cat, you probably picture veterinary services such as vaccinations, wellness examinations and dental cleanings. These are all definite necessities for keeping your pet healthy, but there's another important procedure that also belongs in this category -- spay and neuter surgery. If you only considered sexual sterilization for its role in birth control, you should know that it provides powerful wellness benefits as well. That's why we recommend spaying and neutering here at Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center.

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Why It's Important to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

The technical term of spaying (removal of the male’s testes) is castration; the term for spaying (removal of the female ovaries and uterus) is ovariohysterectomy. Both of these procedures provide one very clear and immediate enhancement to your pet's well-being: eliminating the risk of the cancers that can occur in these organs. Spaying even reduces the risk of breast cancer due to the hormonal alternations it produces. Anything you can do significantly reduce your pet's lifetime cancer risk is definitely worth doing!

Spay and neuter surgery also provides other, less direct wellness benefits. Sexual frustration and heat cycles change a cat or dog's behavior in ways that endanger its health. Your pet may display aggression and go roaming through the neighborhood for potential mates -- a combination of behaviors that can spell trouble in the form of fights with other animals or even hazardous encounters with humans. Sexual sterilization makes your pet happier and more easygoing, which in the long run is a good thing for his health, safety and security. (The fact that sterilized pets don't spray urine to their territory will make them even more welcome around the house.)

Last but not least, spay and neuter surgery supports the well-being of pets everywhere. That's because the number of unwanted puppies and kittens places an enormous burden on overtaxed animal shelters, and in many cases these institutions must choose between destroying some the animals and having insufficient food or other resources to provide proper care. Limiting the animal population means a better life for the animals we already have.

Schedule Spay or Neuter Surgery from Our Veterinarian in Bowling Green

Our veterinarian in Bowling Green, Dr. Snodgrass, recommends that spay and neuter surgery occur as early as possible while your dog or cat is still a puppy or kitten -- or at least before the animal becomes sexually mature. This ensures that your pet will get the maximum wellness benefits from the procedure. We can schedule spay or neuter surgery alongside other veterinary services such as de-worming and core vaccinations. Pets can usually go home with their owners as soon as the anesthesia subsides. Dr. Snodgrass may prescribe pain and antibiotic medications while recommending the use of a collar to keep your pet from licking the incision site during recovery. Call 2702079250 to schedule this important wellness procedure!