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Pet Microchipping With Your Bowling Green Veterinarian

Anyone who has ever lost a pet can tell you how frantic you can feel, realizing your animal has gone missing and not knowing if or when you can ever hope to find it again. Because of this, your Bowling Green Veterinarian wants to remind you about the importance of bringing pets in for microchipping.

cat getting microchipped by vet

Our standard veterinary services include pet microchipping because we believe this is an important task each pet owner should consider doing. It’s a simple procedure. A vet injects a small microchip into the animal, usually in the shoulder blades area. You’ll fill out contact information corresponding to the unique ID number of the microchip, which will be stored in a database.

If your pet should ever get lost, the person who finds it can help locate you by having a vet scan the chip inside your animal and obtain your phone number and address.

Benefits of Permanent Pet Identification in Bowling Green

Your Bowling Green veterinarian wants you to know how important permanent pet identification is to the health and safety of your animal. We urge all pet owners to come in for microchipping as part of the routine veterinary services we provide at our animal clinic.

Microchipping Is Permanent

Like all responsible pet owners, you made a customized tag with the name of your animal and your contact information to wear on a collar at all times.

However, animals can lose their collar or tag, such as when wriggling free from a tight space while playing outside. It’s also possible for your pet to run outside before you put a tag back on, such as if you took it off temporarily to give the animal a much-needed bath.

People Can Quickly Contact You When They Find Your Lost Pet

When someone finds a missing dog, the first instinct will usually be to ask nearby people if they know the animal and its owner. They will also look for missing pet flyers (both on the street and online, such as on social media platforms like Facebook.) But often times, there is a delay between pet owners discovering the animal is missing and putting up lost pet signs.

Permanent microchipping is ideal because people can quickly find your contact information in the database once they scan the microchip.

​​​​​​​Microchips for Pets Are Safe and Strong

The microchip containing your pet’s name and contact information is encapsulated in a small glass cylinder, about the size of a grain of rice. It is strong and will not break inside your pet.

Remember to Update Your Contact Information

The information stored in your pet’s microchip must be current in order for people to be able to reunite you with your lost animal.

Make sure that you update the contact details in the chip when you move to a new home. It would be a shame if someone found your missing pet but was unable to locate you because there was no forwarding information.

Bring Your Pet to Our Bowling Green Veterinarian for Microchipping Today

Ensuring that people will know how to find you in the event your pet goes missing should be a top priority. You’ll want to bring your beloved animal companion to your preferred Bowling Green veterinarian as soon as possible for microchipping. For details about microchipping at our animal clinic or to make an appointment for veterinary services, please contact the team at Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center today at 2702079250.