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Pet Laser Therapy With Your Veterinarian in Bowling Green

Keeping your pets healthy and active throughout their life requires the right tools and treatments for their situation and needs. An animal hospital provides the tools you need to address specific health concerns, but the treatments offered to your pet depend on the needs of the animal. In certain situations, a veterinarian in Bowling Green uses laser therapy to help address pain, discomfort or a health concerns impacting your pet.

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What is Pet Laser Therapy?

Whether you visit an equine vet or you need assistance treating a traditional pet, laser therapy offers a solution to pain and general discomfort. Generally, the treatment refers to the use of a cold laser, or an infrared laser, rather than a hot laser to address specific concerns. Hot lasers are not usually used during laser therapy due to the higher risk of burns or complications associated with the lasers.

Cold lasers use infrared heat to help with specific concerns and problems. It is considered a non-invasive treatment because a laser is used on the outside of your pet's body and does not require difficult or complicated strategies.

How it Helps Your Pet

The ways the treatment helps your pet depend on the situation. At Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center, we use the treatment to address arthritis pain or problems with blood circulation. It is not usually used for more complex internal health concerns; however, we may use a hot laser when managing internal concerns and with more invasive treatments.

Generally, the treatment reduces pain and encourages the healing process. By improving a pet's blood circulation to a specific area, the risk of complications associated with poor circulation is reduced. It also helps alleviate pain by encouraging cell regeneration in the treated region.

When To Talk To Your Bowling Green Veterinarian

We recommend laser therapy when your pet shows signs of pain from arthritis or similar health concerns. It is also used when a pet has problems with circulation that may cause injuries, complicated health concerns or other challenges.

Always consider the treatment when a veterinarian in Bowling Green recommends the treatment for an aging pet or for an animal showing signs of pain. We may also suggest alternative treatments to help with physical conditions or problems we notice in your pet.

Discuss the treatment if you have concerns about the reasons a pet shows signs of pain. For example, if a pet moves gingerly or carefully, then you may need to ask about treatment options and laser therapy as a potential solution to the difficult situation.

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Alleviating pain in a pet starts with identifying the underlying cause of the discomfort and then evaluating the treatment options to find a suitable solution. In some cases, we may suggest laser treatments to reduce pain as a pet ages or heals from an injury. For more information about the use of cold or hot lasers in an animal hospital or to set up an appointment at Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center for your pet, call or contact us today.