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Pet Dental Care at Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center in Bowling Green

Your pet may look as happy, healthy and comfortable as always, at least on the outside -- but do you know how healthy his mouth is? It may be time to see our veterinarian in Bowling Green. Dental disorders and oral diseases can grow increasingly serious until they cause pain, eating trouble, tooth loss and even more serious consequences. Fortunately, keeping your pet's mouth healthy is largely just a matter of the proper care and maintenance -- and Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center is happy to provide high-quality pet dental care for the four-legged members of your household.

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Oral & Dental Health Issues in Pets Seen By Our Bowling Green Vet

If you're already familiar with some of the oral health pitfalls humans face, then you know something about pet dental issues as well, since we share many of the same vulnerabilities. Perhaps the most prevalent of all these problems is periodontal disease, a progressive inflammation and destruction of the tissues surrounding the teeth. The majority of pets aged 3 and over show signs of this all-too-common disorder, which occurs when bacteria settle on the teeth and gums to feed on accumulated tartar. The bacteria set off an immune reaction that produces inflammation, eventually causing loss of bone, gum tissue and connective tissue. Teeth become loose and fall out, painful abscesses may occur, and the bacteria may even end traveling to vital organs.

Oral cancer is another disease that can occur in pets. This fast-moving form of cancer can cause a lot of destruction, and some varieties of it can prove fatal. But it can also be hard for owners to notice it early enough for treatment to provide the maximum benefit. Last but not least, the teeth themselves can become cracked, broken, infected or otherwise compromised, threatening the health and stability to the surrounding teeth in the process.

We Provide Dental Evaluations, Teeth Cleaning, Tooth Extraction and More

Just as your dentist recommends regular checkups for the human members of your family, our veterinarian in Bowling Green, Dr. Stan Snodgrass, recommends annual dental checkups for most pets. We can administer X-rays and inspect the oral cavity to look for any indications of infections, damage or cancer that might require immediate pet dental care. Deep teeth cleaning under anesthesia can remove tartar no toothbrush could hope to scrub away, including accumulation below the gum line. We can also perform tooth extraction if necessary to help get an oral infection under control and preserve the health of your pet's other teeth.

Our pet dental care services even extend to helping you take better care of your pet's teeth at home. We can instruct you on how to brush your pt's teeth, feed him tartar-control foods and recognize the signs of a dental problem.

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