minimally invasive surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Surgery is just as frightening and debilitating for animals as it is for people. While the results are beneficial to health, and often life-saving, surgery can still create the necessity of long healing times. This is more so when surgery involves large incisions, which is why we rely on a wide range of minimally invasive approaches that create tiny incisions or avoid cutting wherever possible. By doing so, we can achieve the same outcomes without generating such lengthy healing times.

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Visit a Veterinarian in Bowling Green for Your Pet’s Surgical Needs

If your animal needs surgery, but you’d like to know more about your minimally invasive options, you’ve come to the right place. Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center, your veterinarian in Bowling Green, specializes in expert patient care through the use of cutting-edge medical equipment.

We can provide a huge range of surgeries using a single-port entry. That means we make one small incision (or sometimes, if we can go through a pre-existing orifice, none) through which we run a laparoscopic cable to the surgical site. In so doing, we can avoid the larger cuts – and usually multiple cuts – required to reach a surgical site through traditional means.

In some cases, when your pet is exhibiting odd signs and you’re looking for a root cause, exploratory surgery is called for. With new thoracoscopic techniques, your veterinarian in Bowling Green can perform internal examinations and take biopsies without creating incision sites either. Better for the pet, and better for you, since you have to spend less time assisting with healing.

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery at Our Animal Hospital

When heading to an animal hospital for surgery, you want to make sure that surgery has the smallest possible impact on your pet. Our surgical team’s cutting-edge techniques help ensure a wide range of benefits for your animal, including:

  • Speedy recovery

  • Reduced pain compared to traditional surgery

  • Minimal scarring from small incisions

  • Lower risk of infection

  • Reduced blood loss

The veterinary surgeons at our animal hospital are continually improving upon these techniques, which means that our animal patients have better and better experiences all the time. Most animals bounce back from minimally invasive surgery within a few days, and sometimes less. If you’d like to give your animal that option, please get in touch with us today.

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Do you need minimally invasive pet surgery, or would you like to find out more about your pet surgery options in Bowling Green? If so, Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center welcomes you. We take great pride in our wide variety of pet care options, excellent service record, and animal-friendly approach, and would love to have you as part of our patient family – if you aren’t already.

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