In House Diagnostics

In-House Diagnostic Veterinary Services at Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center

Whether your pet is pregnant, sick, injured or experiencing other significant physical changes, you want to make certain that your veterinarian in Bowling Green can find out what's going on quickly so any necessary treatment can be performed. That's why our animal hospital provides in-house diagnostic veterinary services.

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In-House Diagnostic Services with Your Bowling Green Veterinarian

Laboratory Testing

Blood work and other forms of laboratory testing are invaluable for detecting a wide range of diseases, disorders and irregularities in your pet's internal functions. If your pet registers a high white cell count, for instance, an infection may be present, while a low red cell count indicates anemia. This type of exam can also help us evaluate your pet's internal organ and endocrine system function, alerting us to possible diseases or disorders that require treatment.

Horses have some specific problems that can be diagnosed through blood work. For instance, electrolyte imbalances are not uncommon in extremely active horses, and blood samples can reveal low levels of mineral levels or abnormal levels of other elements that may indicate related health problems. Our equine vet can also administer a test called the Coggins test to check for an easily-spread blood disorder known as equine infectious anemia. It is critical to diagnose this condition so steps can be taken to isolate your horses from other animals that might contract it.

X-Ray Imaging

As administered by our veterinarian in Bowling Green, X-ray imaging is a safe, efficient way to view hard structures (and to a lesser extent, softer structures) inside your pet's body. This may be necessary to determine whether your pet has sustained a fracture, ingested a foreign object, or developed a condition such as gastric dilatation-volvulus (bloating and twisting of the stomach). It is also possible to detect certain tumors and other growths through X-ray imaging.

Our in-house X-ray system can handle horses as well as smaller animals. Horses may need X-rays to check for conditions such as navicular disease and laminitis, two hoof problems which can cause lameness. Animals of all sizes can benefit from X-rays' ability to diagnose orthopedic issues such as osteoarthritis, enabling our animal hospital to provide the appropriate pain management and other treatments.

Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound imaging, or ultrasonography, complements X-ray imaging nicely. Whereas X-rays are best at displaying hard structures, ultrasound excels at displaying soft structures such as organs and blood vessels. Another advantage is ultrasound's ability to capture and show real-time movement inside the body, allowing our veterinarian in Bowling Green to track blood flow and other dynamic actions.

Ultrasound also plays a major role in monitoring reproductive processes. We can safely view inside the womb to confirm pregnancies and follow fetal development closely. Our equine vet also uses reproductive ultrasonography to view a horse's ovaries for signs of abnormalities.

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