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Our Equine Veterinarian in Bowling Green Provides Full Service Horse Care

Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center, your equine veterinarian in Bowling Green, offers complete horse care for everything from equine breeding services to surgery. Read on for details.

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Reproductive Ultrasonography

For a single mare or large scale equine breeding operation, reproductive ultrasonography is invaluable. Portable sonography enables our equine vet to see if a mare is pregnant and monitor her condition throughout the pregnancy. We also use it to look for changes in a mare’s ovaries.


Equine radiology allows our equine vet to view a part of your horse’s body immediately. To take the radiographs, the horse must stand quietly which may require sedation. We can use radiographs to assess:

  • Navicular disease

  • Osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease

  • Fractures

  • Work with farriers for complex shoeing cases

  • Laminitis

  • Wounds


When your horse is “off” or otherwise seeming to be ill, bloodwork is a good place to start to look for a specific diagnosis. A lower than normal red blood cell (RBC) count could indicate a horse is anemic whereas a higher than normal white blood cell count (WBC) may indicate infection. Electrolytes are an important measure of performance and specifically we look at potassium, sodium and chloride. For horses who exercise intensely, an increase in blood urea nitrogen (BUN) or creatinine (CK) values may indicate kidney problems or muscle damage.


Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) is a very dangerous and contagious disease that has a 30 percent mortality rate. Unfortunately, if a horse gets the disease, even if they recover, they will carry it for life and must either be euthanized or permanently quarantined. The Coggins is a blood test we administer to see if your horse has EIA. If the blood is clear, we’ll then give you a certificate certifying absence of the disease which you’ll need when you travel with your horse to other barns, horse shows, and so on.

Reproduction Services

In addition to reproductive ultrasonography, we work with you to identify the cycles of mares and to pinpoint the fertile period to maximize the potential for pregnancy. Our equine vet will also assist you in identifying options in cases where infertility is apparent.


Surgery is always a concern, but our skilled equine vet can safely perform a number of procedures here in our animal hospital. These include surgeries for colic, joint disease, stifle disease, and castration.

Dental Work

Often overlooked, taking care of a horse’s teeth is important for many reasons including proper nutrition, weight maintenance, preventing sinus and gum infections, and more. “Floating” the teeth can be done in your barn with some sedation to keep your horse calm and comfortable.

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Equine Hospitalization

If the time comes when your horse needs intensive care, our facility offers clean, regularly cleaned stalls, constant care and monitoring, and gentle, compassionate care.

No matter what medical need your horse has, your equine veterinarian in Bowling Green is here to offer superlative and skilled care for your horse. Please call us at 2702079250 for more information.