Equine In House Diagnostics

Equine In-House Diagnostics Conducted by Your Veterinarian in Bowling Green KY​

Like all pets, horses contract illnesses, too. Our equine veterinarian in Bowling Green KY, Dr. Snodgrass, provides diagnostic testing for horses as well as other equine preventative care. Our animal hospital conducts the testing in the facility and will take the necessary steps to keep horses healthy for many years to come.


X-Rays Provided by an Equine Veterinarian in Bowling Green KY

X-rays allow us to see the internal structure of your pet. We get a vivid image of your animal's bone structure. This allows us to treat fractures and other bone damage. We also can use this type of imaging as equine preventative care by detecting bone issues early. In addition to detecting fractures, this particular type of imaging has the potential to determine if your pet may have ingested a foreign object. It also detects tumors, growths, and many other issues.

Ultrasound Imaging Provided by an Equine Veterinarian

At our animal hospital, we offer ultrasound imaging, which is oftentimes used in conjunction with x-ray imaging. While x-rays give us a view of your pet's bones, we use ultrasound imaging to view your horse's soft tissue including his or her blood vessels or organs. Our vet gets an image in real time of what's going on inside your pet's body, so we can detect issues with the cardiovascular system and other similar conditions. This technology allows us to view your animal's reproductive system, which can be used to detect ovarian abnormalities. We utilize ultrasound imaging to test for pregnancies and monitor it every step of the way. By monitoring fetal development, we can detect and treat problems early, so you end up with a healthy colt and mother.

Laboratory Testing Provided by an Equine Veterinarian

In order to effectively diagnose and treat diseases, abnormalities, and various disorders, we may conduct laboratory testing such as bloodwork. Our testing has the ability to evaluate your pet's blood cell counts, which helps us detect blood disorders like anemia as well as infections. Laboratory testing allows us to examine your pet for issues with his or her internal organs and bodily systems. We can also determine nutritional deficiencies, so we can recommend diet changes to optimize your pet's health. Our testing gives you valuable information to determine if your pet should be separated from other animals to avoid infecting your other pets.

Benefits of In-Housing Equine Diagnostics

Because we're able to conduct diagnostic testing at our animal hospital, we're able to determine problems early. This lets us begin treatment as soon as possible. The rapid results of our diagnostic testing give your pet the best prognosis. By conducting equine preventative care in our facility, we can effectively prevent many conditions that may plague your pet and reduce your pet's quality of life and even lifespan.

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