Equine Breeding

Equine Breeding With Help From Your Bowling Green Veterinarian

When you decide to breed a horse, or several horses, you want to ensure their health and well-being. Our Bowling Green veterinarian offers treatments and solutions to help maintain the health of your mare before and during breeding.

equine breeding

What is Equine Breeding?

Equine breeding refers to the process of impregnating a female horse and caring for the horse throughout her pregnancy. Generally, horse owners want to breed a female horse with the optimal stallion for their specific goals.

The process of horse breeding ultimately depends on several factors, including the health of your mare and the health of the stallion. You want both horses to remain in good health before the pregnancy and a mare must retain good health throughout her pregnancy. By keeping the horses healthy through proper treatment, exercise and nutrition, the foal has a higher rate of good health at birth and throughout development.

How does an Equine Vet Help with Breeding?

An equine vet at our clinic assists with breeding by providing the tools to keep your horses healthy and active. We evaluate the health of a mare before breeding to determine her current health and the possible risks of pregnancy. We may recommend waiting to breed a mare or we may suggest completing the breeding process. Alternatively, we may recommend treating the mare for certain health risks before starting breeding.

We provide tools to help your mare become a healthy as possible before breeding and help you determine the appropriate timing based on a mare's fertility cycles. During the pregnancy, we check on the health of the foal and take measures to keep your mare healthy and active until the birth. We also assist with the birth of a foal to prevent complications and limit risks to the mother.


Assistance From Your Equine Veterinarian in Bowling Green

As a general rule, you want to seek assistance for horse breeding before you introduce your mare to a stallion. If you decide to impregnate a female horse artificially, then you want to work with an equine vet at our clinic. We recommend a medical exam before you start breeding your horses to ensure that each horse is healthy enough for breeding and pregnancy.

Always seek assistance for breeding if you have any concerns about the health of a mare or the possible risks of a pregnancy. We suggest regular exams throughout the pregnancy to determine the health of the foal and to make adjustments to the lifestyle of a mare when she shows signs of health concerns or needs additional nutrients or exercise.

The health of your mare is an essential part of the horse breeding process. When your mare is healthy, the foals born from your mare are healthy. The key to keeping your horse healthy throughout their life and during breeding is working with a veterinary professional. For more details about breeding a horse or for an appointment for your horse, call the Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center today.