5 Signs It May Be Time to See a Veterinary Dermatologist

5 Signs It May Be Time to See a Veterinary Dermatologist

Just like people, dogs may suffer from a wide variety of skin ailments. Dermatology is an area of medicine devoted to the health of the skin and diseases of the mucous membranes. If your dog has broken patches of fur and is constantly licking, it may be time for a visit to a specialist. Your veterinarian specialist at the Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center in Bowling Green, KY can perform a variety of procedures. 

Common Signs of Dermatological Issues in Pets

Animals suffering from dermatological issues and skin problems may display a wide range of symptoms including:

  • Skin Irritation

  • Hair loss

  • Unexplained rash

  • Allergies or allergic reactions

  • Chewing and biting on the skin

  • Scooting or rubbing on the carpet

  • Flaky, dry skin

  • Red or sore skin

  • Excessive scratching

Causes of Skin Irritation

There are a variety of conditions that can cause skin irritations.

Allergic Dermatitis

Allergies are extremely common in both cats and dogs. This can result in sensitivity to the environment or even food. In pets, allergies appear as itching, redness and sometimes hair loss. Common allergens include grass, soy, beef, dander, dust and dairy.

Cushing’s Disease

Cushing’s Disease occurs when your pet’s adrenal glands secrete too much cortisone. It can also be linked to a tumor of the pituitary gland. This disease results in hair loss, excessive thirst and excessive urination.


Hypothyroidism occurs when your pet’s thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroxine. Symptoms include obesity, hair loss and lethargy.

Other conditions include lick granuloma, which results from excessive licking anywhere on the body, ringworm, which is the result of a fungus, and scabies, which is an external parasite.