Heartworm Treatment and Tick Prevention

Heartworm Treatment and Tick Prevention

Heartworm Treatment and Tick Prevention With Our Bowling Green, KY Veterinarian

Heartworm treatment and tick prevention is an important step to keep your pet healthy and happy. Other parasites, such as ticks, need to be stopped before they do any damage to your animal as well. Getting protection from heartworms and other parasites should be a step that all pet owners should take to prevent sickness in their pets, here in Bowling Green and elsewhere. 

Heartworm Disease

Mosquitos spread around heartworm disease by biting both cats and dogs. If an animal has heartworms when it is bitten, the mosquito will become infected and can pass the disease around to other animals. The heartworms live and grow near the animal's heart and lungs in blood vessels. As the heartworms multiply and get larger, they can cause multiple health issues, including death.

Heartworm Treatment

Heartworm treatment should be started before your pets show any signs of heartworm disease. Be sure your pets are tested for heartworms before giving them any form of preventative medicine. An antigen blood test can be given to dogs, though It's harder to detect heartworms in cats. X-rays, an antibody test, and a cardiac ultrasound study can be used to detect heartworms in cats. 

Tick Prevention

Pets also may need to be checked for ticks. There are several preventative substances to use to keep ticks away from your pets. Tick prevention should be implemented year round, no matter what part of the country you live in. 

Here are other ways to prevent ticks from harming your pets:

  • Mow your lawns frequently

  • Vacuum carpets and furniture

  • Clear out plants after each season

  • Wash bedding and anything else your pets like to lay on

  • Stack wood in a dry area away from your home and away from the ground

  • Clear vegetation around your horse

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