Meet Dr.Snodgrass

Dr. Stan Snodgrass, DVM.


Wanting to be a veterinarian as a young child and growing up in a small town. I didn’t really know what it took to be a veterinarian. After graduating from Ohio County High school in 1971, the real journey started! Going to Western Kentucky University , in the fall of 1971, it didn’t take me real long to get the mind set that I really didn’t have what it took to become a veterinarian. Three years passed by and I didn’t do very well in school because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. All of a sudden one day the dream was stronger, the positive attitude kicked in, the drive to do this was unstoppable! Study habits soared to hours & hours a day and weekends. Nothing was going to stop me!

I guess I have never been any more excited than I was the day I got that acceptance letter from Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine. I couldn’t stop my self from running and jumping and yelling like an idiot.

After 8 years at Western Kentucky University, one year at Stanford University School of Pharmacy, and 4 years at Auburn University I couldn’t contain my excitement! God gave me the dream and he saw it threw me. That’s the way I see it! I give him thanks!